Buff-crested Bustard (Lophotis gindiana)

The Buff-crested Bustard is a small-sized bustard native to the scrublands of eastern Africa. Bustards are known for having elaborate courtship displays.

Scientific classification: Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Aves, Order Otidiformes, Family: Otididae, Genus: Lophotis, Species: Lophotis gindiana

Range: Eastern Africa in portions of the countries of Sudan, Djibouti, Somalia, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Subspecies: None

Habitat: Rocky deserts and scrublands

Status in Wild: They have a fairly large range in eastern Africa and the IUCN has evaluated the Buff-crested Bustard as Least Concern.

Aviculture: The Buff-crested Bustard seems to be absent in private aviculture and only present in zoos.

Interesting Facts: The Buff-crested Bustard male will often perform a variety of aerial and acrobatic moves, sometimes reaching nearly 100 feet in the air. Bustard chicks are precocial, meaning they are highly developed when they hatch with full mobility, opened eyes, and covered with down.

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